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When thinking of steel, one would think of commodity trading, futures industrial manufacture, and a rather unglamorous end product. Looking at trendy style bars and interesting design involving the use of steel, we almost take it for granted rather than associate the crude facts of steel. Barely does one sit back and think about how a commodity like steel ends up In the hospitality industry, and how it is immensely popular both front and back of house. Certainly in the life of a busy restaurateur or chef do they have the time to devote particular thought to any matters stainless steel, particularly how it can be applied in different and innovative ways. Back of house steel has always been vital in terms of work surfaces, but as far as front of house is concerned Archway has popularised this commodity by introducing it as a design feature in some of the finest watering holes and eateries in London.

Archway, based in North London, is a wonderfully old-fashioned family business that has earned its reputation as a company introducing ‘cutting edge’ products Into the market, and is thus No.1 point of reference for all things stainless steel in the catering and hospitality sector. Archway is a consultant to specifiers, encouraging people to think out of the box, whilst at the same time executing projects through all stages from, planning, manufacture and training to maintenance.

As a traditional and family run business, Archway was started by Mr. Josif Sr. under whose leadership the business remains to this day. Soon joined by his sons, who successfully managed to give the business appeal in other markets, the company today stands as the foremost stainless steel suppliers In industry. The foresight strategy projected Archway into a different league to other stainless steel manufacturers as Archway simply had the appeal of a ‘one stop shop’ in all things stainless steel.

The two sides of the business consist of the traditional catering equipment side as well as the so-called specials, which really means the bespoke aspect.

The catering equipment side is really what Archway was built on. Mr. Josif Sr. made his name in the manufacture of catering equipment, specifically to service the ethnic community in London. This consisted of anything from Kebab machines, Display Cabinets, Chip-Fryers etc. Archway’s abilities became more and more prominent and spread from the ethnic community to all spheres of the industry, as well as serving the solid fast food end of the market, servicing anything from top end London restaurants to supplying some of the big groups. All stages of the manufacture of these catering equipment machines is accomplished In-House and the capacity has no boundaries. Although there are a great deal of standard products to choose from anything you could possibly want to suit your specific business can be done. This bespoke service Is somewhat unique in the capital and as every kitchen needs these machines, it is hardly surprising that Archway is as popular as it is.

As touched on, the specific Bespoke Service entails everything from stainless steel flooring, to work surfaces, bars, door covering, lavatories, even an entire room can be constructed of stainless steel. The important thing to understand with Archway is the fact that the imagination has no boundaries – anything can be done, be It for practical or design motives, Archway are No.1 port of call.

Archway’s client and product portfolio is Incredible. No matter what size of the project or what specifications, Archway are guaranteed to satisfy every single client.

One of the many satisfying aspects of Archway as Peter Josif, the sales director told me is the after care the company provides its customers with. Stainless steel if cared for can last many lives and is an investment that certainly pays off. Archway, even considering the demand, remains ultra competitive. Archway is one of those success stories where a business successfully fused mature experience and pedigree with young drive and determination to take the company into different spheres. For this reason Archway stand securely and unrivalled in London for anything stainless steel in the catering and hospitality industry.

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