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Gas Installations


The common energy used to power Archway’s vast array of products is gas and commitment to installations, repairs and maintenance is therefore a high priority. Archway’s team of Gas Safe registered engineers provide an efficient service, which strictly complies with thorough standards set by Gas Safe regulations. This fulfills your confidence in knowing your gas utility product is installed, maintained or repaired by the industry professionals.

Archway’s Gas Safe service covers a broad spectrum of domestic and non domestic areas ranging from commercial catering appliances, to domestic combustion performance analysis. So whether you are having a new product installed for your commercial kitchen, or require maintenance on your domestic central heating system, Archway provide an exceptional service ensuring you peace of mind when using your gas utility product.

Archway’s engineers are registered by Gas Safe to undergo all works in the following qualifications:



  • Combustion Analysis
    • Combustion Performance Analysis NG
    • Combustion Performance Analysis LPG
  • Cooker
    • Cookers DOM NG
    • Cookers DOM LPG
  • Fire
    • Fires/Space Heaters DOM LPG
    • Fires/Space Heaters DOM NG
  • Gas Boiler
    • Central Heating DOM LPG
    • Central Heating DOM NG
  • Pipework
    • Vented Cylinders
    • Flue Liners
    • Pipcwork DOM NG (CORE)
    • Pipework PD DOM LPG
  • Range Cooker
    • Range Cookers/HVV Boilers DOM NG
    • Range Cookers/HW Boilers DOM LPG
  • Water Heater
    • Water Heaters DOM NG
    • Water Heaters DOM LPG
  • Catering
    • Commercial Catering Range Cookers NG
    • Commercial Catering Range Cookers LPG
    • Commercial Catering Pressure/Expansion Boilers NG
    • Commercial Catering Pressure/Expansion Boilers LPG
    • Commercial Catering Fat Et Pressure Fryers NG
    • Commercial Catering Fat Et Pressure Fryers LPG
    • Mobile Catering Range Cookers LPG
    • Mobile Catering Fryers LPG
    • Mobile Catering Water Boilers LPG
    • Mobile Catering lnst Water Heaters LPG
  • Pipcwork
    • First Fix Commercial Pipework NG
    • First Fix Commercial Pipcwork LPG
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